Annual Plan

FY23 Annual Plan/MTW Supplement 

Available for public Comment from July 25, 2022–September 8, 2022

For virtual public meeting log in information via zoom, click here: in person public meeting information and how to submit written comments, see #17 below.

  1. AMHA FY23 Annual Plan Streamline 50075-HP
  2. Attachment A - FY23 Deconcentration Policy
  3. Attachment B - FY23 Demo Dispo Worksheet
  4. Attachment C - FY23 RAD Conversion Property List
  5. Attachment D - FY23 Capital Improvements 5 year action plan 2022-2026
  6. AMHA FY23 LIPH ACOP Summary of Changes
  7. Public Housing ACOP FY23 Final
  8. AMHA FY23 HCVP Admin Plan Summary of Changes
  9. Admin Plan 2023-final-20221221 
  10. Edgewood Village FY23 Summary of Changes
  11. FY23 Edgewood Village ACOP - FINAL 2023
  12. Cascade Village East-West FY23 ACOP 
  13. Cascade Village North FY23 ACOP 
  14. Cascade Village South FY23 ACOP 
  15. AMHA FY23 MTW Supplement - draft
  16. LIPH and Edgewood LIPH Tiered Rent Lease Addendum 
  17. Notice of Public Hearing and Comment Period

FY22 Annual Plan/MTW Supplement July Update – Draft

Available for public Comment from February 11, 2022–March 28,2022

  1. AMHA FY22 July Annual Plan Streamline 50075 – Draft
  2. AMHA FY22 July HCVP Admin Plan Summary of Changes
  3. AMHA FY22 July HCVP Administrative Plan – Draft
  4. AMHA FY22 July ACOP Summary of Changes
  5. AMHA FY22 ACOP – Draft
  6. AMHA FY22 July MTW Supplement – Draft

FY22 Annual Plan 

Capital Improvements 5 year Action Plan 2022–2026 (DRAFT)

Available for Public Comment through November 3, 2021.

FY21 Annual Plan 

Capital Fund Documents:

FY20 Annual Plan