Annual Plan

Capital Fund Five Year Action Plan 2023-2027

Available for Public comment from March 8, 2023 - April 21, 2023

Five Year Action Plan 2023-2027 EPIC Draft

FY23 Annual Plan/MTW Supplement 

Available for public Comment from July 25, 2022–September 8, 2022

For virtual public meeting log in information via zoom, click here: in person public meeting information and how to submit written comments, see #17 below.

  1. AMHA FY23 Annual Plan Streamline 50075-HP
  2. Attachment A - FY23 Deconcentration Policy
  3. Attachment B - FY23 Demo Dispo Worksheet
  4. Attachment C - FY23 RAD Conversion Property List
  5. Attachment D - FY23 Capital Improvements 5 year action plan 2022-2026
  6. AMHA FY23 LIPH ACOP Summary of Changes
  7. Public Housing ACOP FY23 Final
  8. AMHA FY23 HCVP Admin Plan Summary of Changes
  9. Admin Plan 2023-final-20221221 
  10. Edgewood Village FY23 Summary of Changes
  11. FY23 Edgewood Village ACOP - FINAL 2023
  12. Cascade Village East-West FY23 ACOP 
  13. Cascade Village North FY23 ACOP 
  14. Cascade Village South FY23 ACOP 
  15. AMHA FY23 MTW Supplement - draft
  16. LIPH and Edgewood LIPH Tiered Rent Lease Addendum 
  17. Notice of Public Hearing and Comment Period

FY22 Annual Plan/MTW Supplement July Update

Available for public Comment from February 11, 2022–March 28,2022

  1. AMHA FY22 July Streamlined Annual Plan
  2. AMHA FY22 July HCVP Admin Plan Summary of Changes
  3. AMHA FY22 HCVP Administrative Plan MTW Addendum
  4. AMHA FY22 July ACOP Summary of Changes
  5. AMHA FY22 ACOP MTW Addendum
  6. AMHA FY22 MTW Supplement

FY22 Annual Plan 

Capital Improvements 5 year Action Plan 2022–2026 (DRAFT)

Available for Public Comment through November 3, 2021.

FY21 Annual Plan 

Capital Fund Documents:

FY20 Annual Plan