HCVP Participant Forms

Below are the most used forms for Housing Choice Voucher Program participants. Forms may be returned to the AMHA Central Office building, faxed to 330-374-5088, or emailed to your assigned staff person.

Request to Move Form:

Print, complete, have your landlord sign form and submit form to the  HCVP lobby if you are interested in receiving a voucher to move to another unit. Please allow 30 days to process request.   If you are in your first year lease, you may be denied the ability to receive a voucher to move. If you request to have your voucher sent to another Housing Authority, you will also need to print, complete, and submit the Request to Port form.

Income Change Request Form and Data Packet:

If you have experienced a change in your family income or family composition, please complete an Income Change Form from the link below. Please note that you are required to report any changes in income and family composition within 10 days of the change.

If your certification specialist has asked you to complete your annual recertification or a zero income statement online, please do so from the links below.

Minimum Rent Hardship Request Form:

Print, complete, and submit the Minimum Rent Hardship Request Form if you are currently paying minimum rent and believe you meet the criteria to no longer pay minimum rent. Please be sure to attach proof of your stated hardship. Hardships are granted for short-term (90 days) or long-term (indefinitely).

Family Obligations:

Review the Family Obligations for your responsibilities as an HCVP participant.