AMHA Smoke Free Housing

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Effective August 1, 2018 AMHA is going Smoke-Free

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) established a regulation that requires housing authorities to implement a policy that prohibits the use of prohibited tobacco products in all public housing units and interior areas, including, but not limited to hallways, rental and administrative offices, community centers, day care centers, laundry centers, and similar structures, as well as in outdoor areas within 25 feet from public housing and administrative office buildings. 


Reason for ruling:

  • To lessen the known health effects caused by secondhand smoke;
  • decrease cost of the maintenance, cleaning, and rehab due to smoking;
  • decrease the risk of fire from smoking;
  • decrease the high costs of fire insurance and property damage caused by fires.


“PROHIBITED TOBACCO PRODUCTS” “Prohibited tobacco products” are defined as: (i) items that involve the ignition and burning of tobacco leaves, such as (but not limited to) cigarettes, cigars, and pipes; and (ii) waterpipes (hookahs).

While electronic cigarettes are permitted in the Resident’s private dwelling, they are prohibited, just as those items listed above, in all common areas, including outdoor areas within 25 feet of any AMHA buildings.

Residents are responsible for not permitting any guests to smoke in their home.


Designated smoking area: We will determine by property over the next several months. If a designated smoking area is established, smoking on the premises must be confined to and occur only within that designated smoking area.  Signs will be posted.