PCs for People

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On Wednesday, July 17 th and Wednesday August 11 th , Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority (AMHA) and PCs for People welcomed over 120 residents to special device distribution events at the AMHA central office in downtown Akron. Of those attending, around 80 low-income individuals received desktop computers, laptop computers, and wireless internet hotspots. The events are the most recent effort through AMHA’s ConnectHome Akron initiative, which has been working to connect residents with life-changing access to digital technology. Through AMHA’s ConnectHome Akron initiative and Building for Tomorrow—AMHA’s nonprofit subsidiary— a partnership with PCs for People was born. PCs for People is a national nonprofit dedicated to provide access to computers and mobile internet through electronic reuse and refurbishing. These services have been essential to AMHA residents’ ability to purchase highly subsidized technology “We know that digital access is absolutely essential in today’s society especially for things like education, healthcare, and employment opportunities—all of which are already challenges for residents in our housing. This event was huge for our residents,” says Brian Gage, AMHA Executive Director. During the distribution event, 39 desktop computers were distributed, 37 laptops were distributed, and 12 wireless hotspots were distributed. Each desktop system includes a computer, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Each computer comes loaded with a new copy of Windows 10 Professional, Open Office, anti-virus software, and anti-spyware software and every computer is covered by a one-year warranty.

“We are excited to join forces with AMHA in the battle to close the digital divide.  Thank you to our corporate donors that provide us with their unused technology, giving us the opportunity to refurbish and redistribute affordable technology back into our community."  Says Bryan Mauk, Executive Director, PCs for People Ohio. AMHA and PCs for People will be holding other distribution days in the coming months. “For some of our residents, this is the first device they’ve ever owned—it’s a big deal,” says Gage. “We will continue to do this work and grow our ConnectHome Akron projects to serve our residents.” AMHA provides affordable housing and social services to low income residents throughout Summit County. The agency serves over 40,000 people who qualify for federal housing assistance. AMHA, an Affordable Housing Accredited agency, is a nationally recognized as a high performing agency and for the development of innovative programs for public housing residents.

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