Building For Tomorrow COVID-19 Action Fund

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It is no secret that COVID-19 has the potential to devastate the poorest in our community. Many of our residents do not have the safety net to catch them during times of extended uncertainty. And while it may take some time before we see the full extent of the damage, we know that the need is already great. That's why we created the COVID-19 Action Fund.

At the beginning of 2020, 48% of AMHA workable residents were employed. 66% of these individuals worked in industries including: food service, retail, transportation, warehouse, facilities management, temporary agencies, IT, childcare, nonprofit, faith-based/churches, and education. Unfortunately, many of these occupations are non-essential and we are seeing a drastic increase in the number of residents that are losing their positions.

We need your support to assist our residents with rent and utility assistance to remain stable and in compliance with their lease. Building for Tomorrow realizes that it is a challenging time for all of us, but those most at risk need your support now more than ever. Please consider a donation to Building for Tomorrow, so that we can protect the most vulnerable in our community.


Click Here to Donate to the COVID-19 Action Fund

or send a check to: Building for Tomorrow c/o Joan Davidson 100 W. CEDAR ST. AKRON, OH 44307

BFT is Still Doing Critical Work to Support AMHA Families and Seniors

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to impact our community, BFT is taking extra precautionary measures to ensure the well-being of our residents and staff by limiting in-person interactions. Despite significant changes to the way we deliver our services, we are still working each day to provide critical support to those we serve.

  • Our early childhood programs have transitioned from home visits to virtual visits; our little ones seem to be thriving with the new format.

  • The Reach Opportunity Center at Summit Lake is closed to the public, but staff members are still assisting neighbors by providing Service Coordination by phone.
  • ConnectHome Akron is busier than ever, distributing free internet hotspots via mail to those without digital access at home and creating the COVID-19 Tech Resource Guide.
  • Our Service Coordinators in both our family buildings and senior buildings are working with area churches, schools, and nonprofits to coordinate food distribution to our families.